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An Overview of World Religions has created “The Big Religion Chart” a very large and inclusive comparison chart of 43 different belief systems in an encapsulated form that you can read and–if you’d like–purchase here.

The About Equal Opportunities site in the UK also has a helpful guide that defines various Christian denominations here.


3 comments to An Overview of World Religions

  • Theo Richardson

    It doesnt matter what religion you have, the most important thing is what you do. `

  • billmcgarvey

    Thanks Louise, unfortunately the chart we had referenced is no longer available so we replaced it with a chart from that you can visit online and purchase it for $3.99. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for bringing it to our attention. Bill

  • This chart is so tiny I can’t read it and can’t enlarge it. However, I do see that you have Buddha considered a god, and that’ just not correct. BTW, I love the book and want to send students to these resources but need to be sure they are useful.

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