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The Roommate Conundrum

As you are nearing the midway point of your semester, take a minute and think about your relationship with your roommate. Do you love your roommate, you get along great and you have no issues? Or, like so many students, are you struggling with conflict with your roommate but aren’t sure what your options are? . . . → Read More: The Roommate Conundrum

Put Yourself Out There

Have you gotten involved with campus activities/organizations? Why not? What are you waiting for? College is about growth inside and outside of the classroom. What are you passionate about outside the classroom? What do you like? What do you want to learn more about? The only way you will get involved outside of the classroom . . . → Read More: Put Yourself Out There

To Drink, or Not to Drink

Partying at college is often seen as a rite of passage, with many people assuming that you can’t have any fun at all if you aren’t into partying. While you can have lots of fun at college if partying isn’t your style, it’s also totally fine to admit that you like partying with your friends . . . → Read More: To Drink, or Not to Drink

Dropping a Class

Now is the time in the semester, where you should be asking yourself “why did I sign up for this class?”  This is NORMAL.  Every student has this moment at least once a year if not once a semester. Sometimes courses are required, sometimes it is a matter of which professor is teaching the course, . . . → Read More: Dropping a Class

Make Friends with Your Syllabus

The number one dreaded response to a question you ask your professor is “It’s on the syllabus.” Professors love this phrase almost as much as students hate it. However, it’s important to understand that your college career will be so much easier if you make friends with your syllabus. This is your guide to surviving . . . → Read More: Make Friends with Your Syllabus


Accountability…it sounds so serious right? Well it doesn’t have to be.  You can make setting and achieving goals fun.  Keeping yourself on track does not have to be as boring as checklist and assessments.  Well this is a challenge to try something new and achieve your goals for the semester.  Try something outside the box . . . → Read More: Accountability

Move-In Day is Almost Here!

Buckle up! It’s time to head off to college! The first year, moving into your dorm can be scary and overwhelming, but by senior year you’ll be able to do it with your eyes closed! One important way to prepare for your future room is to get in touch with your roommate. Most colleges email . . . → Read More: Move-In Day is Almost Here!

Who are you professionally?

Do you know how to sell yourself professionally on paper? If not you should. Having a resume is a critical piece of your professional success. The resume is the first step in securing a position.  It is best practice to keep an updated resume on hand.  You never know when an opportunity will present itself.  . . . → Read More: Who are you professionally?

Now Enrolled: Life Skills 101

The summer can be a great time for you to learn life skills that seem to fall by the wayside in the midst of classes, hectic exam schedules, and student jobs. Now is the perfect opportunity for you to ask your parents for advice on all the tasks you might not already know how to . . . → Read More: Now Enrolled: Life Skills 101

Summertime Fitness

Schools out for the summer! It is a wonderful feeling and the best time to relax and recuperate after successfully completing two semesters.  The summertime is the best time to begin or continue fitness routines. You do not have time constraints between classes, assignments to focus on, and meetings to attend.  Taking time for yourself . . . → Read More: Summertime Fitness

You, Your Parents, and Surviving Summer

Returning home for the summer after being away at college for an entire year can be a challenging transition. You are back in your parents’ home, but you’ve become used to making your own decisions and not having to be accountable to anyone about where you are or what you’re doing. Your parents, however, probably . . . → Read More: You, Your Parents, and Surviving Summer

School’s (almost) Out

It’s almost here-Summer break! The long awaited break from all those books, papers, and classes is just around the corner. As tempting as it may be to kick back and relax all summer long, you’ll probably find that after a week or two doing nothing gets really boring. This is why summer can actually be . . . → Read More: School’s (almost) Out

Mine, Yours, Ours

Coming together to live as one sounds like a great love story, right? Well this is actually the tale of two roommates coming together to peacefully live under one roof.  You will encounter people from all walks of life and varying backgrounds.  When two people come together and begin to share parts of your world . . . → Read More: Mine, Yours, Ours

Finals are coming, Finals are coming, Finals are coming!!!!

The Spring semester is drawing near and now is the time when final assignments, take home exams, and the dreaded group projects are now due.  Working alone can be great, because you can do things on your own at your own pace and on your own time.  There is no one to discuss thoughts and . . . → Read More: Finals are coming, Finals are coming, Finals are coming!!!!

Choosing a Roommate 101

It’s that time of year to start thinking about housing plans for next year! Are you going to live on campus or off campus? Do you have a friend in mind to live with, or are you searching for a new roommate? This is the perfect time to start making decisions about next year, especially . . . → Read More: Choosing a Roommate 101

Safety is up to you

Safety on Campus is a reoccurring topic.  In the days of school shootings, sexual assaults, and viral fighting videos school safety has never been more of a concern.  When things go wrong and incidents occur, fingers are pointed and everyone wants to know who is responsible.  The truth is campus safety begins with each student.  . . . → Read More: Safety is up to you

Making the Most of Spring Break on Campus

Spring Break 2015 is almost here, and it seems like everyone you know is headed to the beach, back home, or some other epic trip. If you aren’t planning to travel, staying on your campus can feel isolating and like there is nothing to do. Campus is deserted, all your friends are gone, and for . . . → Read More: Making the Most of Spring Break on Campus

Don’t forget the FUN!

College is not all about the books and learning in the classroom.  College is really about learning from various life experiences and taking in all that college has to offer.  Last month we challenged you in our January 11th blog, to make short and long term goals to explore what your campus has to offer.  . . . → Read More: Don’t forget the FUN!

Roses and Chocolates and Bears, Oh my!

Love is in the air, as John Paul Young would say. Valentine’s Day is soon to be upon us. Have you started planning how you will celebrate? Maybe you aren’t planning to celebrate at all, or maybe you’re going to be spending the day with a significant other or a group of friends. However you . . . → Read More: Roses and Chocolates and Bears, Oh my!

Budgeting 101: Saving and Spending

If you’re like many college students, the second month of school is when the money crisis really starts to hit. The Christmas money is running out and Spring Break is just around the corner. Never fear-there are some great apps and some tips that will help you save money and keep a budget for the . . . → Read More: Budgeting 101: Saving and Spending

Why Not Try Something New

It is a new year and a new semester.  It is around this time of year when resolutions are brewing and there is an openness to change.  What better time to introduce yourself to something new that you have not tried at the university.  Last semester is done and in the books. This semester think . . . → Read More: Why Not Try Something New

Holiday Edition Q&A: Navigating “those” Questions

At this point, you’ve probably been home for Winter Break for at least a little while. Take a deep breath and pat yourself on the back-you made it halfway! Now you just have to weather moving into the new year, returning to school, and all those pesky questions about what you’re doing with your life, . . . → Read More: Holiday Edition Q&A: Navigating “those” Questions

Staying Spiritually Connected

As you enter the home stretch of the first semester, you may feel a little out of touch with your faith.  Your campus will offer a host of options for you to stay in touch for your faith.  If you do not have a faith based, the campus will offer a plethora of options for . . . → Read More: Staying Spiritually Connected

Friends as Roomies

The time is drawing near and it is time to finalize roommate requests for the upcoming year.  Choosing a roommate wisely will help you avoid a lot of unnecessary frustration and drama throughout the school year.  There are several things to consider when selecting a roommate: are you friends, are you in the same major, . . . → Read More: Friends as Roomies

Work Now, Play Later

Summer is officially in full swing.  It is now time to soak up some sun and save up some funds.  Summer is a great time to work as much as you can and also save as much as you can for the upcoming semester.  There apart are two challenges of the summer job; finding the . . . → Read More: Work Now, Play Later

School is out for the Summer

School is out and the first few days at home are great! Your parents are happy to have you home and you are enjoying taking a break from classes.  As the weeks go on, the patience of you and your parents will be challenged.  It is important to understand where the both of you stand . . . → Read More: School is out for the Summer

Summer Time is Prep Time

The summer is finally here!!! Making it through your first year is a major accomplishment and although you still have a ways to go, take pride in what you have accomplished thus far.  Summer is a great time to rest and rejuvenate for the next year.  This is a great time to reflect on the . . . → Read More: Summer Time is Prep Time

What to Believe

Easter is fast approaching and is usually a time when students head back home to continue with their families holiday tradition(s).  If students cannot make it home, this is a time when they will attempt to find a local church or attend service on campus (if one is available). If you have gotten away from . . . → Read More: What to Believe

Physical Health

You may think that flu season is gone, but don’t be too sure. Allergies and colds can still come around, even as the nice weather comes back. Don’t forget to check in with the health center on campus if you feel you’re getting sick. Getting enough sleep and eating enough during the day will help . . . → Read More: Physical Health

Mental Health

Now that the weather is starting to get better, and the semester seems to be nearing its end, it is easy to think that we have everything figured out. It is extremely hard to get out of the funk we may have had when winter hit us all hard. The work seems to never end, . . . → Read More: Mental Health

Resume Tips

I could sit here and write a huge blog on the importance of having a good resume when looking for summer jobs and internships, but I’m not. I could post my resume and say “these are the things you NEED to do in order to get your resume noticed”, but that won’t help you either. . . . → Read More: Resume Tips

Spring or Break

Midterms are finishing up and it is time sit back and do nothing right? Wrong! Spring Break is a great time to recharge, but it also a great time to explore, serve, and learn.  Thoughtfully plan out your Spring Break, be intentional about how you choose to spend your time. You can accomplish so much . . . → Read More: Spring or Break

Got Culture?

One of the “side effects” of college is being exposed to things that you may not have been exposed to previously.  It is also a chance for you to gain interest in things that you may not have previously had an interest. Your campus will offer a variety programs and activities.  You should challenge yourself . . . → Read More: Got Culture?

Safety and You

Campus safety should be a concern of everyone; parents, administration, and most importantly you the students.  Safety is one thing that cannot be guaranteed.  The university and university housing department will take precautions and attempt to mitigate risks and hazards. It is also the responsibility of the student to make sure they are implementing safety . . . → Read More: Safety and You

Campus Safety

Some simple rules about Campus Safety.

1. ALWAYS lock your doors.

2. Lock up your possessions, like your laptop, and don’t leave them unattended.

3. Feel free to contact your campus safety if you do not feel safe walking alone.

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Did you bite off more than you can chew?

Is your workload too much? By this point in the semester, it may be too late to drop a class, HOWEVER that doesn’t mean that you can’t fix it. You can always withdraw or take an incomplete. There are always other semesters and time to take classes. Your advisor is always there for you. Don’t . . . → Read More: Did you bite off more than you can chew?

To Drop or Not to Drop

February is a great time to review your current load.  You have been to class, taken a look the syllabus, and possibly completed an assignment or had a quiz.  Now is time to reflect on your progress in your currently enrolled classes.  If you think that the material may be too much for you to . . . → Read More: To Drop or Not to Drop

Balance. The key to success

 The Spring semester is now (or soon) underway.  This is the perfect time to get a fresh start if things did not go the way you hoped during the Fall semester. This is also a good time to get more involved and add to your resume.  Being successful in college will require involvement in and . . . → Read More: Balance. The key to success

Go GRΣΣK or Not?

As most colleges and universities Greek Life will be starting, or have started, their Spring recruitment, it is important to keep in mind some aspects about going Greek or not going Greek in college. I asked some of my friends what they thought about pros and cons were about going greek. These stories are from . . . → Read More: Go GRΣΣK or Not?

Starting Fresh

Everyone chooses their own path in life. Some of us have known what we have wanted to do in life since the age of 3 or 4. Others of us have had some trouble figuring it out. Let me tell you a secret—IT’S OKAY!!! I have been out of college for 2 years now, and . . . → Read More: Starting Fresh

New Year, New You

Happy New Year! 2014 will be a great year-you’ll be finishing up your Freshman year of COLLEGE!! That is an exciting thought, but also a little scary. What if you didn’t do so well in the last semester? Here are some tips to help you make good New Year’s Resolutions for the upcoming semester.

1. . . . → Read More: New Year, New You

Budgeting Your $$$$$

Do you ever look at your wallet one day and think “WOW-I have a lot of money this week” and then 3 days later you’re broke? It happens all the time, and then we think to ourselves, “WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO?”

There are some easy ways to keep track of where your finances . . . → Read More: Budgeting Your $$$$$

Social Life–to party or not to party?

College social life is not all about the wild parties that can occur. There are other ways to have fun. Here are some easy, fun and cost-friendly ways to have fun:

1. Movie Night-Invite some friends to your room and ask friends to bring some movies over. Then, have a fun time eating pizza and . . . → Read More: Social Life–to party or not to party?

Home for the Holidays

It the most wonderful time of the year….or is it?  Thanksgiving and Christmas are great times to go home, take time away from school, and to refocus. Going home is a great time to reconnect with friends from high school and enjoy new friends you have met over the semester. Home is also a time . . . → Read More: Home for the Holidays

Course Selection

It’s that time of year when we start to think about the courses we will take in the Spring semester. It is important to indulge your own interests in college too. My biggest tip for course selection is this: see if ANY of your courses can DOUBLE COUNT for two requirements. The biggest regret a . . . → Read More: Course Selection

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be

It is almost Thanksgiving time; which means you have survived more than half of the first semester, midterms, and homecoming. By now, you and your roommate should have a good understanding for each other’s preferred lifestyle. For some your relationship is one that is great, while for others you may be at your breaking point.  . . . → Read More: Maybe it wasn’t meant to be

Mid-Semester Check -In

Welcome back to the iRA blog! Hopefully this semester has been a great one, so far. College classes can, and usually are, a lot different from high school courses. Just like high school, your professors want you to succeed! If you grades have not been what you expected, utilize your professors office hours. All professors . . . → Read More: Mid-Semester Check -In

Halloween Fun

The week of costumes, candy, and “tricks” is upon us.  Halloween is the second biggest social event (after Homecoming) of the Fall semester. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to showcase your creative costume, engage in alcohol/drugs, and overall make bad decisions.  People like to use Halloween as their scapegoat for bad decision . . . → Read More: Halloween Fun

Advice to Freshman from an Experienced RA

Well I have about one week before I move back into the dorm for my last year as a RA.  I cannot believe I have been in college for almost six years and a RA for five of them.  I guess you could say that I have been around the Res Ed block a time . . . → Read More: Advice to Freshman from an Experienced RA

Finals Study Tips

Final exams are quickly approaching. Hopefully you wont have to cram the last 14 weeks of information into your brain. However you study, or whatever type of final exam you have, here are some tips to help you prepare for exams.

1. Check out the Freshman Survival Guide’s Study Budget to help you figure out . . . → Read More: Finals Study Tips

Is it Sophomore year already?

Many of you may not have declared a major yet, and that is okay. It may seem harder to plan what classes you’ll want to take for next fall when you are unsure of your degree, but that’s when you can focus on your general education requirements. If you have a major declared, it is a little . . . → Read More: Is it Sophomore year already?

Giving back to freshmen

It is almost the end of the first year. For some this has been a great learning experience, a time for growth, and self-discovery.  For some this has been a time of trial and error. Whichever path you took consider giving back to the next group of freshmen about to join the college ranks.  There . . . → Read More: Giving back to freshmen

The post that keeps on giving.

Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; and so much more.

Take a second and Google your name.  What did you find? Pictures, links to your Facebook, a full history? In today’s technological age you have to be careful with the brand you create for yourself.  The internet has made it extremely easy to market yourself, but it has . . . → Read More: The post that keeps on giving.

Where to Live?!

When you are trying to figure out where to live for your upcoming year, you may not realize it, but you are making one of the biggest and most important decisions of your upcoming year. As you approach the end of your freshman year, you have started out on a new path of independence that . . . → Read More: Where to Live?!

Keeping the Weight Off During the Winter

Sometimes it is hard to find the time, or the motivation, during the winter months to work out and keep in shape. We find ourselves indulging in “comfort” foods and curling up with blankets, staying warm indoors. There are some things we can do to help keep in shape during these cold months.

1. Find a workout . . . → Read More: Keeping the Weight Off During the Winter


It is now almost a month into the Spring semester, for new roommates the honeymoon phase is nearing the end, and for continuing roommates you getting back into the swing of things.  By now, you should have a good understanding for each other’s preferred lifestyle. For some this may be working out perfectly, while for . . . → Read More: Roomies

Love Advice from Our Favorite Winged Archer

Love is in the air, because tomorrow is February 14th! Valentine’s Day! The Day of Love! … or Single’s Awareness Day! Or to the more counterbalanced individuals among us, it may just be Thursday! Regardless of the holiday you find yourself celebrating tomorrow and who you are celebrating it with, be it a boyfriend, girlfriend, . . . → Read More: Love Advice from Our Favorite Winged Archer

Spring Break Ideas

It is currently February. You have been back to school for about a month and you have probably already taken your first exam. If you are like me you are ready for a break, spring break. Spring break is known as a March/April mid-semester break. This maybe a time for you to catch up on . . . → Read More: Spring Break Ideas

A Major Dilemma

Let’s start out the new year with a story, shall we?


Once upon a time, there was a recent high school graduate going away to his first semester of college at a university. His orientation day went great, and he signed up for all general education classes for his first semester. Come second semester, . . . → Read More: A Major Dilemma

New Year, New You!

The start of each new year, and the start of each new semester, brings around a time to make changes and resolutions. But how do we keep those changes?

The way I have found MOST helpful is to make a goal list.

Use a planner, post-its, an app on your iPad, whatever works for you. . . . → Read More: New Year, New You!

Winter Break

Congrats you made it through the first semester of college and it is time to go home.  If you went home during Thanksgiving, your transition at Winter Break may come easy.  If you did not go home for Thanksgiving, there will be a few things for you to consider.

For the last few months you . . . → Read More: Winter Break

The “F” Word

That’s right. FINALS.


Finals will always be the hardest time of the semester for students because you have term papers to write, tests to study for, projects to create, speeches to memorize, Power Points to recite, the list is seemingly never ending!


Now, I certainly wish I could list off ways to make . . . → Read More: The “F” Word

Operation C.O.U.P.O.N.

Operation C.O.U.P.O.N.


Managing your money in college is a cardinal life skill that is borderline essential to learn and master during your years in college as, just like so many skills and lessons in college, it will carry with you after you have graduated from college and have stepped out into the real world . . . → Read More: Operation C.O.U.P.O.N.

Going Home

Yes; it is hard to believe it is one week until Thanksgiving.  For some students this is the first time you will return home since leaving in August/September. Some of may have new body art, new vocabulary, or even a new outlook on life.  Your family will remember who you were when you left and . . . → Read More: Going Home

When dating think about?

You are now about two months into your first semester at school.  By now, I am sure someone has caught your attention or perhaps you have been on a few dates.  Dating in college is much different than dating in high school.  In college you do not have parents to monitor your relationships, you do . . . → Read More: When dating think about?

Midterms are here ALREADY?!!?!?

Yes, midterms are here upon us. Here are some tips to help you prepare for these dreaded exams.

1. Take advantage of office hours.- Many students don’t take advantage of  their professor’s office hours. It is a great chance to get one-on-one time and ask any questions you may have before the big exam. Let your . . . → Read More: Midterms are here ALREADY?!!?!?

Sober Sundays, Wasted Wednesdays, and Everything In-between

Alcohol in college- it is prevalent theme in about 98% of any college movie. Epic parties every weekend, tons of beer and alcohol, shots, and hangovers. While movies tend to sometimes over-exaggerate what college is like, alcohol in college is a real issue that, chances are, you will encounter at some point in your college . . . → Read More: Sober Sundays, Wasted Wednesdays, and Everything In-between

75 Ways to give back

As you continue to grow professionally and personally, you will start to realize the importance of giving back to the community where you live and where you come from. Giving back does not have to be a long labor intensive project, but every little bit helps and counts.  There are offices on campus dedicated to . . . → Read More: 75 Ways to give back

To Join or not to Join? That is the question!

Academics serve as a big part of college life, but extracurricular activities also account for a major part of college life as well.  As a student you want to aim to have a well-rounded college experience. Too much emphasis on academics may not give enough attention to developing social skills and too much emphasis on . . . → Read More: To Join or not to Join? That is the question!

A Salad Never Hurt Anybody – Tips to Staying Healthy in College

Going off to college brings with it an obvious amount of newfound freedom including the sudden ability to eat whatever it is you want and buy whatever it is you want, which means that suddenly all of that junk food that you were most likely forced to eat in moderation back at home becomes readily . . . → Read More: A Salad Never Hurt Anybody – Tips to Staying Healthy in College


Most semesters have started already, but there are still things you can do to prepare for the first weeks of class.

1. INVEST IN A PLANNER/CALENDAR–Write down ALL of the due dates (in pencil-so it is easier to change). You then have the opportunity to plan your own mini-deadlines for big projects.


Dear Class of 2016,

Dear Class of 2016,

This is the time to explore yourself and figure out exactly who you are.  This is a time where you will be meeting all kinds of new people that look, act, and live a completely different life from you.  Do not shy away from these different people.  Open yourself up to . . . → Read More: Dear Class of 2016,

Going to school and getting adjusted

The time has come and school is starting soon.  Here are some tips to start your year off right. Before you arrive:  Do everything you can to prepare for school.  Try not to wait until the last minute and make the most of your final weeks at home. Be sure to review all of the . . . → Read More: Going to school and getting adjusted

Goodbyes Are Not Forever!

When it is time to leave for college, one of the hardest things to do is say “goodbye” to your family, friends, your pets, even your bedroom! It can be even harder if you are going to college out of state where a weekend home is not exactly a viable option.


For many college . . . → Read More: Goodbyes Are Not Forever!

Do I REALLY need 20 pillows?

When you’re buying things for college, it can be easy to over buy. I’m not saying you should move in with NOTHING, but be careful what you get. Make sure you check your college website to see what is allowed and prohibited in your dorms. Here are some staples of college dorm life:

Pillows–Don’t go . . . → Read More: Do I REALLY need 20 pillows?

Rommie Love

In about a month you, a college freshman, will be leaving home and moving to college and living in the dorm. Dorm life can be the best experience of you college career or it can be a nightmare. Whether you live 5 minutes or 5 hours from home there is one thing you will be . . . → Read More: Roomie Love

We're looking for a few good RAs

Soon after arriving on campus, many freshmen realize they need real help in making a smooth transition to college life. In researching The Freshman Survival Guide, it became clear that some students didn’t feel comfortable approaching their local resident assistant on staff for any number of reasons (e.g. their issues felt too personal and they were embarrassed, they were afraid of getting in trouble, they simply didn’t like their RA etc). While we believe it is best for students, in general, to avail themselves of their local support staff, we also realized that it could be helpful for some students to have the option of contacting an experienced RA anonymously with some of their more delicate issues. The Interactive RA (iRA) is our attempt to bridge that gap. . . . → Read More: We’re looking for a few good RAs

Figuring out your summer plans

It’s hard to think about taking summer courses while we want to relax. However, taking summer classes may work toward your benefit. At my alma mater, the amount of credits you had helped you register for your courses and housing. Working can also work towards your benefit, allowing you to make money to use during . . . → Read More: Figuring out your summer plans

Mentoring Freshmen as a Sophomore

As you have finished your first year as a college student, I’m sure you’ve picked up tips and tricks along the way. Becoming a mentor to new freshmen would be a great way to pass along your knowledge.

See if your college has some sort of peer facilitation or orientation leadership program. These are great ways to . . . → Read More: Mentoring Freshmen as a Sophomore

The end is near....


The semester is winding down, finals are here, and summer is lurking nearby.  These are normally good signs as it indicates you have made it to the end of the semester/quarter and for most you’ve made it to the end of the year.

Sophomore year is a chance to do-over and redo the things . . . → Read More: The end is near….


I see dollar signs.  As we wrap up the final few weeks of the Spring semester, most people think of finals, moving out of the residence halls, scheduling classes for next semester, graduation, and summer fun.  I agree I too think of these things but with all of these changes comes the idea of MONEY!!!!

As students . . . → Read More: $$$

Start Early with your Resume--It'll save you time!

You’re probably thinking to yourself–WHY DO I NEED TO WORRY ABOUT MY RESUME? I’M ONLY A FRESHMAN! See, it’s better to start early and continuously work on it, versus rushing as a senior and forgetting what you’ve done in college.

As a freshman, unless you are applying for a full internship, don’t worry about a resume setup . . . → Read More: Start Early with your Resume–It’ll save you time!

Do You Want to Be the Very Best?

Like no one ever was? Admit it, you just sang along the Pokemon theme song–original. That’s how we all felt on our campus this semester as we recruited new applicants for the Resident Assistant job, see picture below.

Here is a general list of why you should apply for a RA/CA job. Other jobs in Residence . . . → Read More: Do You Want to Be the Very Best?

Onward and upward

Midterms of the Spring semester have begun or will begin soon.  This is a clear indication that the school year is coming to a close.  Now is the perfect time to start considering your living arrangements for next year. There are a number of things to consider.

What is your current living arrangement? Are you . . . → Read More: Onward and upward

Let’s Check in…

It’s the end of the month of February. I know as a senior, I’m battling senioritis. This is especially hard because I have less than the minimum amount of credits this semester, so I have A LOT of free time. How do I battle procrastination? In my case, I try to read ahead for my . . . → Read More: Let’s Check in…

Valentine's Day is for Who?

He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened

-Lao Tzu

February is nationally known as the month for love.  What started during the Roman Empire as a way for young men to find their maidens has evolved into a $15 billion dollar industry.  Valentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Day is for Who?

Getting Involved in Your Community

So you’re involved on campus and you’re doing well academically.  How else can you make an impact? Well, you can start getting involved in the greater community. Here are some easy ways to get involved.

1. Volunteer at a local nursing home, homeless shelter, YMCA, etc. Many of these places enjoy volunteers to come in . . . → Read More: Getting Involved in Your Community

Go GRΣΣK or Not to Go Greek, That is the Question.

As most colleges and universities Greek Life will be starting, or have started, their Spring recruitment, it is important to keep in mind some aspects about going Greek or not going Greek in college. I asked some of my friends what they thought about pros and cons were about going greek. These stories are from . . . → Read More: Go GRΣΣK or Not to Go Greek, That is the Question.

How to Beat the Winter Blues

It is the start of a new year and if you live anywhere north then it is pretty darn cold outside; this is also the time when people are feeling a bit blue and may need some cheering up.  So here are a few pointers for battling the Winter Blues:

Exercise- Getting to the gym, . . . → Read More: How to Beat the Winter Blues

Flu Season Is Here!

Uh Oh. It’s Flu season! Staying healthy at any point in life is extremely important, but getting sick in college can really affect you.  Getting the flu means missing school, not being able to hang out with friends, and the overall feeling of being ill. To say it’s no good is an understatement, but there . . . → Read More: Flu Season Is Here!

New Semester...New You!!!

You are almost one week into the new year and can now officially say you made it through your first semester and by now you should be reflecting on your grades.  For some, all of the hard work has paid off and you are basking in the glory of your achievement.  For some, you are . . . → Read More: New Semester…New You!!!

Going Home...A New You!

Finally the day has come…the end of the first semester! Congrats you made it through the first of many semesters.  Now what… well now it is time to go home.  The only problem is you are not the same person you were when your parents dropped you off at the beginning of the semester.  For . . . → Read More: Going Home…A New You!

Dealing with Finals and Holiday Stress


We’ve all been there. No matter how hard we try to be productive, our best friend–procrastination always comes knocking at our door asking to play. How do we manage?

Check out this awesome link with 12 tips on aceing our . . . → Read More: Dealing with Finals and Holiday Stress

Is it too late to get involved?!

For most organizations, programming is probably done for the semester however, that doesn’t mean you can’t become involved for the spring. Attend an event or meeting hosted by the organization you want to become active in. Talk to a member on the E-board and see when the meetings will be and how you can become involved with . . . → Read More: Is it too late to get involved?!

Is it time to choose classes already?!

Registration for the Spring semester may have already passed by, or could be approaching quickly. If you ask any upperclassman you know, or even us here on the iRA team, we could tell you numerous stories about registration scares and successes. I always seemed to get the classes I needed with no trouble. However, that . . . → Read More: Is it time to choose classes already?!

Where you want to be

At this very moment you are probably indulging in leftovers from the holiday.  While now is a good time to enjoy the break from school, this is also a good time for you to reflect on the semester. When you first arrived to campus you must have had some sort of expectations, a picture, or thoughts of what . . . → Read More: Where you want to be

Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is next week…can you believe it?

 Going home can be fun and relaxing, but it can also be stressful.  Often times you can be pulled in many directions that going home can result in not being as enjoyable as you’d hoped.  Mom and Dad want to spend time with you and see what you have . . . → Read More: Home for the Holidays

I’m so FULL…taking TOO much on your plate

With the holidays arriving, everyone can imagine that feeling of being entirely way to stuffed with food, yet we all somehow mange to eat a piece of pie or have a dish of ice cream. Sometimes, our college lives can get just as packed as our holiday stomachs. From personal experience, I have always had the . . . → Read More: I’m so FULL…taking TOO much on your plate

Undecided Major?

Are you still undecided and more than half way through your first semester of college? You’re not alone! It is OKAY to be unsure during the first part of your college career. Many students end up changing their majors several times. Many students even graduate with a completely different degree than when they started. I . . . → Read More: Undecided Major?

But I thought you were my friend!?!?!?!

Sometimes we begin friendships in college and suddenly they seem to be falling apart–always around the most stressful time of the semester too, mind you. So what do you do when your friend the hall stops saying yes to grab a meal and the guy from your Chemistry class stops wanting to study? REASSESS! It sounds . . . → Read More: But I thought you were my friend!?!?!?!