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College is a time for asking all sorts of questions, from smaller ones like “How can I cope with a difficult roommate?” to much bigger issues such as “What should I be doing with my life?” There are many guides for getting into college, choosing a college, getting good grades etc., but The Freshman Survival Guide is the first to deal with the whole student, treating the intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual lives of college students as intimately connected aspects of their overall success.


1. Using the Freshman Survival Guide

Survival Strategy #1

2. Having Options
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Survival Strategy #4

Ask the Interactive RA

Soon after arriving on campus, many freshmen realize they need real help in making a smooth transition to college life, but some students don’t feel comfortable approaching their local resident assistant on staff for any number of reasons (e.g. their issues felt too personal and they were embarrassed, they were afraid of getting in trouble, they simply didn’t like their RA etc). The Interactive RA (iRA) is our attempt to bridge that gap. Resident assistants from colleges around the country are available to answer your questions.

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