Bulk Buying Promotion for Jesuit Schools

The publisher of The Freshman Survival Guide, Hachette Book Group USA has created a special promotional program available until August 10, 2014 for Jesuit schools that want to buy copies of the book in bulk [20 or more copies]. The program includes:

• Special 55% discount on bulk purchases for Jesuit schools (free shipping)
• Free consultations with the authors to help tailor the book’s resources to the needs of the various departments involved with making the transition to college.


Pricing & Programming for Jesuit Schools:

All AJCU & JSEA members will be able to purchase bulk copies (20 or more) of The Freshman Survival Guide for 55% off the $14.99 retail price ($6.75 each). In addition, the authors will be available to consult with schools via Skype, phone or email, at no extra charge, to help them adapt specific topics raised book to various departments’ particular needs.

In the past three years, we’ve worked directly with numerous different departments at schools across the country, including…

  • Campus ministry professionals
  • First Year Experience staffs
  • College Guidance Counselors
  • Student Affairs committees
  • Admissions offices
  • Residence Life personnel
  • Campus counseling services
  • First year service learning communities
  • Freshman Orientation teams

Together, we’ve helped them develop curriculum and programming around aspects of The Freshman Survival Guide that are most relevant to them. Some topics have included:

  • Sex, Dating  & Relationships (ch. 6)   Residence Life and Counseling Staffs across the country have used features such as “6 Creepy People to Avoid on Friday night” (p66) as well as important safety information on sexual assault (p253) as resources for programming.
  • Alcohol & Drugs  “Too Much of a Dangerous Thing” (ch. 20)   Using this chapter as a foundation, we worked with LaSalle University’s First Year Experience program staff to develop mentoring ideas for freshmen. LaSalle also continues to use Chapter 13 “The Care and Feeding of the College Professor” as part of their orientation.
  • Homesickness “I Miss My Old Life” (ch. 4)   A multi-departmental team at Assumption College worked with Nora and Bill to use different portions of the book. One in particular involved a Homesickness Pledge developed by their Res Life Staff that was designed to get students to commit to staying on campus until Columbus Day Weekend and become an integral part of the community.
  • Spirituality (ch. 9) “Growing Up Your Religion” (ch. 17) through an Ignatian lens   Campus ministry and campus mission staffs incorporate these chapters as jumping off points for engaging students in meaningful dialogue and activity around issues of faith and spirituality. As co-author Bill McGarvey is a Jesuit alumnus (Georgetown, St. Joseph’s Prep) and a columnist for America magazine, the book’s spiritual dimension is deeply informed by Ignatian spirituality. See additional resources on Centering Prayer (p101) and Everyone’s Examen (p73).

For more information about the promotional price for Jesuit institutions, email us at info@nullthefreshmansurvivalguide.com or call 201-725-4202. Offer expires August 10, 2014.

We invite you to Download and Distribute a Free PDF of our Top Ten Survival Strategies here!

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