Advice: Lock your door!

It may seem like a “duh” or “of course” but locking your door in a dorm seems to be a rare occurrence.  If you are going to class, dining hall, bathroom, down the hall you should always lock your door.

Here are some real life stories that I have seen happen to people who have not locked their door:

1. So this resident was in his room.  A strange man lured him from his room and sent him to the front desk.  While the resident was away his xbox, laptop, and his room mates laptop was stolen.  He had to file a police report but his stuff was never recovered.  Also, his roommate was kind of ticked too.

2. In the middle of the night a drunk resident found his way into on of my residents room and passed out on the floor.  Well, she did have a “special” wake up call.  This often happens. Sometimes drunk or sober people can let themselves into your room and crawl into bed with you.  Hello Good Morning!

3.  Okay this actually happened. I am not making this up.  A resident did not lock his door while he slept and in the middle of the night someone went into his room and proceeded to do a #2 in the resident’s room….twice!  Getting the smell out was VERY hard.

Okay so the main point is to lock your door.  Even if you are going to be gone for a few minutes.  Buy a lanyard with your school colors on it this will help you find your keys and have some school spirit.

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  1. The lanyard idea is a great one to have. At most schools, you’ll need your school ID and/or key to be let back into the building after a fire drill. You don’t want to be charged a fee for forgetting your key!
    Also become aware of what your ID holds. At my school, your ID is your key to your room, the gates of the campus, and your meal plan. It would really stink to lose it (and we’re charged up to $100 for multiple losses).

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