Budgeting Your $$$$$

Do you ever look at your wallet one day and think “WOW-I have a lot of money this week” and then 3 days later you’re broke? It happens all the time, and then we think to ourselves, “WHERE DID ALL THE MONEY GO?”

There are some easy ways to keep track of where your finances go.

1. Make a budget. Think about how much money you make each MONTH. Then subtract all of the necessities you need-gas, cell phone bill, car insurance, etc. What’s left can be divided into several categories, such as food, fun, school, savings, etc.

2. Save the change! Set aside a jar for all of the change you receive from purchases. Once or twice a semester, cash it in at a bank. Suddenly all those quarters and pennies turn into $20s and $50s.

3. Track your purchases. Make an excel sheet, use a note on your phone, create a book–track where, when, and how much you spend at certain stores. You’ll be able to see where and what you spend most of your money on.

In college, I did not always take the best care of my finances. I would purchase “stupid” things that I would never use, and then wonder why I didn’t have the money to go out with my friends. Reflect each month on the purchases you’ve made and set little goals for yourself.