Late Night Alternatives-If going out isn’t your scene

As shocking as it may seem, not EVERY college student wants to go out and drink at night. If you happen to be one of those students, you are probably thinking to yourself, “There is nothing going on except parties. What should I do?”

Well, I have come to the rescue with a list of ideas.

1. Play Apples to Apples. You don’t have to be drunk in order for this game to be fun. Enjoy it with your friends, roommates or people on your floor. I promise you’ll laugh every time you play.

2. Play 20 Questions. Use this game to get to know your roommates/suite mates or the people on your floor.  Don’t use it with your professors though; they may get mad.

3. Utilize your campus event site. At my school it is called Roadrunner Central. This is a place that you can go to buy tickets for a Broadway Musical, Movie Tickets at a cheaper price, and discounted tickets for sporting events such as Hockey and Football games.

4. Take pictures. I wrote a blog post about how they mean so much more later on, so don’t forget to photograph your adventures.

5. Play a game system’s version of Just Dance (or any other party game). These are hilarious when it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. You can also use these guides here to enhance your minecraft skills and overall gaming experience. Have fun and enjoy your company.

Whatever you do, enjoy yourself. What are some other late night alternatives?