School’s Out For the Summer


You made it to the end of the semester.  By this time, you probably do not want to think about another reading assignment, a group project, or balancing the various things you had on your plate just a few short weeks ago.  Right now, sitting in a corner playing Candy Crush, double tapping on Instagram, reading articles/books for fun, or taking the latest BuzzFeed quiz is the only thing on your agenda.  As enticing as those past times sound and as easily as you may be lured in, you want to be sure that you really utilize the summer to productively decompress from the semester. 

The summer could be used to reconnect with old friends, strengthen your bond with family, or explore some of your new-found interest. Below are some ways to not get sucked into the time spiraling daze of your smart phone.  

Ways to avoid losing your summer to your smart phone:

1. Go to a concert.  Take it up a notch and attend a concert in another city, state, or even country.

2. Go on a trip.  Pick a place you’ve never been.  Try travelling by train, bus, or drive.

3. Make a new friend.  Put yourself out there and introduce yourself to someone you do not know.

4. Try a new work-out routine and explore exciting options like Pilates, Cross-Fit, or training for a race. Discover innovative ways to stay active and invigorate your fitness journey with resources like the Pilates certification available at

5. Go for a walk around the neighborhood with your parents.

6.Take your younger sibling to the local arcade.

7. Volunteer to assist at a local organization for charity or to gain experience in your field.

8. Jumpstart your required reading for next semester.

9. Pick up ice cream and visit your grandparents.

10. Host a slumber party. You can invite new and old friends. 

11. Help your siblings navigate through their summer reading list.

12. Assist your parents with a project around the house.

13. Stay connected to classmates.  Invite them to spend time with you and accept their offers when presented.

14. Join a challenge to help count the days and keep you engaged.  Think cooking, weight loss, or financial savings challenge.

15. Take a class at the local community college. Taking a special interest class such as Pottery, Event Planning, or Computer Coding may spark new passions within you. 

16. Clean and organize things around the house.  Talk to your parents about projects they have put off and would like to finish.  

17. Work. Find a part time job to assist with saving for the next semester.

18. Get involved on campus.  Orientation leaders and volunteers are needed to help assist with incoming freshmen.

19. Write an article in your field.  Once written attempt to get it published within your professional organization.

20. Try something new.  No matter how big or small, keep a positive outlook and try something you have never experienced.