Start Early with your Resume–It’ll save you time!

You’re probably thinking to yourself–WHY DO I NEED TO WORRY ABOUT MY RESUME? I’M ONLY A FRESHMAN! See, it’s better to start early and continuously work on it, versus rushing as a senior and forgetting what you’ve done in college.

As a freshman, unless you are applying for a full internship, don’t worry about a resume setup just yet. It is wise, however, to start making a list of all of the jobs you’ve held, descriptions of what you’ve done in those positions, and the dates in which you held them. Also, it is never too early to start collecting reference letters or just a list of references. Make sure that the people you pick can speak highly of you and accentuate whatever characteristics you want to promote for a specific job or career.

Check out your career services center now. They are very resourceful and will definitely help you along the way.