The post that keeps on giving.

Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; and so much more.

Take a second and Google your name.  What did you find? Pictures, links to your Facebook, a full history? In today’s technological age you have to be careful with the brand you create for yourself.  The internet has made it extremely easy to market yourself, but it has also made it harder to hide minor indiscretions from your youth.

If you can see it, others can see it too.  Believe it or not employers (internships, volunteer opportunities, and more) take time to research social media websites to make sure the person that you represent is the person you are actually representing. Pictures containing alcohol, drugs, or sexual innuendos will not be favored by companies or organizations offering you a opportunity.  Poor displays of judgment are the easiest way to self-eliminate yourself from the competition.

Social media websites encourage users to express who they are, voice their opinions, and share the details of their daily life. As a savvy user you have to determine how you will represent the real you without compromising who you are or jeopardizing your future. Select pictures that are tasteful yet show who you are, what you like, and how you express yourself.  Write posts that allow you to provoke thought, but do not allow your thoughts to question your integrity or your character.

Social media websites can be fun, but they can also be a platform for your future.  Use the sites responsibly and remember you never know who could be watching you.  Use them wisely and know the power they could hold.