Weekends Have Daylight Too: Getting the most out of the weekend to work and have fun

It’s weird to think that the weekends, a time generally used for fun and parties, can actually be used to get some work done. This is going to be a shocker for some, so hold on to your seats! The key to getting the MOST out of ANYTHING is time management. I am a HUGE stickler for promoting time management, but I guess that’s part of the job as a student/RA/Student Leader in multiple clubs/etc. You need to know how to balance work and fun. While some students can write amazing papers at the last minute and pull multiple all nighters, not ALL of us can do that.  So if you are one of those students who needs time to get his or her work done and still wants to have fun, this post is for you!

The first thing to do is look at the due dates on your syllabi. Write them down! In an agenda, in a planner, in your phone, computer, email account, a word document–however you like. Knowing the date of a big research paper or of a big exam will help you prepare your study and/or research time. After you look at the dates of your assignments, look at a calendar of events set up by a Center of Student Involvement or something similar to that on your campus. Highlight and write down ANY events you want to attend. You may be thinking: How can I attend Club Fair and still get my essay done? The answer is simple: work ahead. Don’t wait until 2 am to write your 8am’s English essay. The weekends can be great chances to get ahead in your work, instead of playing “catch-up” later on.

Now  that I’ve given you a little bit about time management and how to get your work done, here are some suggestions of things to do on the weekends to have fun.

1. Go to a Broadway Musical. Your school will most likely sell tickets at a discounted rate. They will even take you to the show, so there is no worry about transportation.

2. Explore your campus. Ramapo College of New Jersey has a reservation right across the street from our campus so that is a popular place for students to go.

3. Attend a sporting event. Most colleges have football teams (Ramapo doesn’t but we do have a Basketball team as well as Soccer). Go to see a game once in a while and deck out in school spirit!

4. Try the local town’s big festivities. Maybe the town nearby really celebrates St. Patrick’s day. Maybe it’s some other festivity that they go all out for. Explore your surroundings and go out of your comfort zone.

Overall, just enjoy what you do. No one can tell you how to have fun, but we can just suggest things to do. Enjoy the experience of college; it’ll be gone before you know it.