What Would Grandma Do?

Halloween as a college student is no longer the cute and sweet holiday you remember has a kid.  Now it is about raunchy costumes and partying.  So as a college senior and RA I am making a few suggustions on how to deal with this new aspect to a favorite holiday. 

 First ladies put some clothes on.  Wearing your underware out in public is not a costume.  You may put on fairy wings, cat ears, or devil horns and your best panties and call it your costume.  You are incorrect.  Dressing up is a time for creativity so do just that.  Also, its probably going to be cold and underwear is not very warm.  Before you go out ask your self WWGD, “What Would Grandma Do?”.

Secondly, guys leave the provacative costume in your closet.  I know you just love that YouTube video about your male anatomy in a box but please try to think outside the box.  Just because you are in college does not mean you can go out and do whatever you want with no consequences.  What you do now could affect your future outside of college. So make smart decisions now. 

Basically what I am trying to say is that dressing up for Halloween can be really fun.  Anyone can dress up in a raunchy costume but not everyone has creative/clever one.  And let me tell you those clever ones are the costumes people remember.  Here are some really cute/cool costumes I have seen and didn’t want to burn my eyes after I have saw them:

smurfs-white pants, white hat, blue body paint

holidays-little black dress, heals, and accessories that relate to Valentines day, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, Thanksgiving, etc.

toga/greek-bed sheet

Gods gift to men/women-dress classy and tie a ribbon around your shoulders/hips with a tag that says “To: men/women, From: God”

gangsta-oversize shirt, baggy jeans, lots of jewelry, and some swag

So before going out on Halloween please remember these next four points: 1. Wear a coat, 2. ask “What would grandma do?”, 3. be creative, and 4. have fun!