Check out the Freshman Survival Guide on the Letterman Show!

Prof. Christine Whelan, discusses the book on WISC-TV News 3, Madison

Washington Post

Bill McGarvey is the featured guest on the Washington Post’s Conversations/Live Q&A


Hundreds of thousands of commuters in NYC, Philadelphia and Boston saw this great feature on the book in their local Metro paper.

School Library Journal

“…the writing is friendly and the topics are presented in a very approachable manner. Incoming freshman looking for something more than a party guide to their new home will appreciate this book being available to them.”

Odyssey Cable Networks

Odyssey Cable Networks’ On Page app has just posted a video of their interview with Freshman Survival Guide author Bill McGarvey. You can go download it on their app.

Georgetown’s CARA

Georgetown’s CARA Report reviews Freshman Survival Guide


The Catholic Campus Ministry Association (CCMA) featured a great interview with Bill and Nora in their March 2012 issue of Crossroads, their quarterly publication that goes out to campus ministries across the US. (Many thanks to CCMA’s Chrysta Bolinger for all her help.)


Journal of College Student Psychotherapy

“The value of this book is in helping the student be aware of areas of life that will require making decisions—academic, social, emotional, and behavioral challenges The book gives straightforward, simple recommendations about ways to respond to these challenges. This level of concreteness will be of value to many. While its primary audience is students, the book may also be of interest to parents and help some of them transition from being “attack helicopters” to “rescue helicopters.” Given these two audiences, this book might be a good choice for summer orientation programs for incoming students and their parents. The book might also be recommended by college counseling center staff either as a supplement to counseling or in conjunction with outreach programming on adjusting to college.”
Stewart Cooper, Ph.D.
Director of Counseling Services, Valparaiso University

National Campus Ministry Association

“Any book that includes praise and recommendations from the likes of Father Martin Moran, Executive Director of the Catholic Campus Ministry Association, Wayne L. Firestone, President of Hillel and Eboo Patel, Executive Director of the Interfaith Youth Core—as this one does—should get your attention.  It got mine.”

A Musing Reviews

A book review blog
“I love this book. Why?  Point of reference:  I am a mother, a high school counselor, and a college survivor.”