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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and can be a time of great happiness or great sadness. You may be gearing up for a weekend of time with family and friends.  You are looking forward to your family recipes, family traditions, and time to relax before intense finals. On the other hand, you may not be able to travel home and back to campus for such aa short amount of time and then turnaround to return home during the semester break. This time is one that you should savor and enjoy.

Like many students across the country, you may be heading home for the holiday. This will be a great time of inquiries, updates, and sharing.  Your entire family will want to know how your life on camps has unfolded.  Be ready to eagerly share your major, your dorm life, and things that you enjoy and dislike about school so far. Everyone will want to know more about your interest, things you have learned, and how things are different or may have changed especially if they are an alumnus.

Some of you may need to stay on campus due to your distance from home, work responsibility, or another reason.  If you cannot make it home, do not let it get you down. You have other viable options that may be suitable substitutes to being home. You could be the guest of one of your friends/classmates.  It may not be your home, but it will give you the family feel and is a great way to strengthen relationships with your friends and to gain a second family.  Another option is to host a “Friendsgiving” celebration. This is a newer name for a concept that has been around for some time. A Friendsgiving allows you and others staying on campus the opportunity to come together to enjoy dinner, games and great conversation.  You can try out one of your family’s recipes and experience traditions from other families and cultures.

Thanksgiving is a great time to go home and cure any homesickness that you may have be experiencing, but if you cannot make it home, do not let it get you down.  This holiday is just the precursor to the semester break which will give you more than enough time to connect with your family. Use this time to regroup and prepare for finals. If you can make it home, enjoy the time with family and recharge your battery as you prepare to return to campus and complete finals.

Whether you stay on campus or go home for the holiday enjoy the time and Happy Holidays from your Interactive Resident Assistants.

Yes; it is hard to believe it is one week until Thanksgiving.  For some students this is the first time you will return home since leaving in August/September. Some of may have new body art, new vocabulary, or even a new outlook on life.  Your family will remember who you were when you left and you have to be prepared that they may not be prepared for the new version of you.  Your parents may have a hard time adjusting to your new found freedom, your difference of opinions, or even your desire to go out and catch up with your high school friends.  Your friends may not understand why your relationship has changed, your desire to try different things, or new habits you may have developed.  The same thing applies to your siblings and significant others.

Readjusting to home life can be a sensitive subject. Everyone will have their own agenda.  You will want to relax, see old friends, and enjoy your break from school.  Your parents and siblings will want to make up for the time you have been gone. Your friends will want to catch up and swap stories from the last few months.  Be aware of the expectations that may be placed on you and attempt to meet all of the demands. Also communicate your expectations for your time home.  Letting your family know that you have plans will help reduce or eliminate frustration when expectations are not met.

Going home will be a much needed break, but make sure you understand what your family wants to reconnect with you and hear about your experiences as a college student.  Be prepared to share stories, know why you feel the way you feel, and be ready to share your knowledge. Going home will be fun and a much needed break.