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Leaving home for college is quite the adjustment for you. You are excited about your new chapter.  You are exploring your new environment.  You are embarking on new adventures.  You are finding your voice.  You are getting involved.  You are adjusting to your new life.  You may even be a little homesick.  It might come as a surprised to you, but you are not the only one that is adjusting to the new chapter in your life.  Everyone at home has been affected by your departure to college. 

Your parents need time to adjust to you not being home every night, like you have been for the last 18+ years.  Your parents are not there to pick you up every time you fall. Your parents are not there to witness your latest triumphs.  Your parents miss you and are struggling with you not being home.

Similarly, your younger siblings are also adjusting.  Your friends back home are adjusting.  Your significant other is adjusting.  You part time job is adjusting.  The bottom line is, everyone is adjusting to you starting this new chapter in your life.  So, take some time to reconnect and maintain the connections back home.  Call your parents (or return their calls), let them know everything is okay.  Tell your parents about your latest triumphs, adventures, and what the resident down the hall said.  Your parents will appreciate you taking the time to think of them, they will appreciate your efforts to maintain/strengthen the relationship, and may have an easier time accepting your new position in life.  A phone call will go a long way and make a big impact. Carve out some time on Sunday to catch up and share your new world with your old world.