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  1. There are a lot of great study tips out there. The best ones are the ones that work for YOU!
    Here are some of my favorite study tips.

    1. Find a place that you can use to clear your head and not be distracted. Having a study center that you know is ONLY for homework/studying, will make you concentrate more.

    2. Ask for Slides. If your professors use PowerPoint, see if they will be posting their slides online. A lot of time, students are too preoccupied with copying notes down that we forget to listen to the actual lecture. PowerPoint slides help you keep track of the notes the professor wants. Then you can listen to the lecture and add as you go along.

    3. Skim your chapters/reading assignments. Highlight or underline words that are in bold. Look at these words to get the general ideas of what your reading is about. As well try to take notes as you read. This helps you concentrate and be present in the moment.

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