Dorm Room Recipes

We’ll keep adding cheap recipe ideas as fast as we can think of them. While we’re at it, share your best dorm room recipes with the rest of us below.

Try this Busted Halo intern’s recipe:
Pappa’s Pizza Bagel
This one is for students who are less than talented in the culinary arts. All you need are three simple ingredients. Grab a few bagels and store in a ziplock bag in the freezer if you’ve got one. Then wait for your dining hall to have pizza one night and ask if you can have some extra pizza ­sauce—­the ­dining-­hall staff usually doesn’t mind. Finally, grab some mozzarella cheese from the local convenience store. Spread the sauce on the bagel, top with cheese. Put your pizza bagel in the oven on top of tinfoil (you don’t want to annoy the rest of your dorm with the smoke and smell from burned


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