1. I am a guy who loves to sing. Yet I have been roomed with two guys who prohibit me from singing because “guys should not sing.” “It is gay for a guy to sing.” So I have been waiting for them to leave the room for me to sing in the room. But somehow, they talked me into signing a room mate aggreement which says that there will be no singing in the room.

    Yet, these two guys get drunk, especially one of the guys. He gets so drunk that he blacks out. And he isn’t legally old enough to drink. He is nice in other ways. I played video games with him a few times. That wss nice.

    But it is begininnig to get on my nerves. I am upset that I can’t practice my singing in the room.

    I auditioned for the Glee Cllub and was rejected, even though I know that I have a great tenor voice.
    I am upset about that also. But really, I have this huge disagreement because I want to sing in the room. Period. And I cant. But yet they can drink and bring girls in the room. It is true that they don’t kick me out, at leawst.

    Do you think I can get any help speaking to the resident RA? The big problem is that I studpdly signed that roommate aggreement which says I cant sing in the room. It makes me so mad.

    1. Hi Joey

      Thanks for your question. The beauty with roommate agreements is that they can be revised at ANY time. You can update the agreement as the needs of the room changes. Singing is a tough area because not everyone will enjoy your music/singing as much as you do. However, the three of you should be able to come to some sort of agreement about times and maybe you can find a time that won’t interfere with them being in the room. Keep in mind there are courtesy hours and if you are disturbing the community they have a right to ask you to stop.

      As far as the drinking and the guest, you can request that no drinking occur in the room and if your roommates come home intoxicated they agree not to disturb the room. You can also agree that all guests especially of the opposite sex must gain PRIOR approval of the roommates. I would also encourage you to ask your roommate what sexual orientation has to do with your singing and that you do not welcome those types of statements. If the statements continue it could be treated as harassment.

      Sorry to hear about the Glee Club. I would suggest you go to the president/advisor and ask to be kept in mind in the event an opening becomes available. I would also ask of you can volunteer and help out wherever needed. This will allow you to be hands on with the group and to be there if there is an opening. If this doesn’t work you can always start your own club on campus. You just need to go to student activities and inquire about creating your own organization.

      As a final option you can add music as a minor. This will allow you to explore your passion, work on your technical skills, and enjoy what you are learning. As always your RA can assist you with any questions you may have, assist with a roommate mediation, or just be a listening ear.

      Hope his helps and good luck with singing:)


      Interactive RA Danielle

  2. So, my first roommate was completely different from me, but we didn’t argue, so I just assumed it’d work out. It kind of did, until she realized I was a lesbian. Then, I suddenly became an awfully messy person, and I somehow was keeping her up all night when she was the one not coming in until the wee hours of the morning. Long story short, she discriminated, and I moved in with my friend, who also had a bad roommate.

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