Dear Class of 2016,

Dear Class of 2016,

This is the time to explore yourself and figure out exactly who you are.  This is a time where you will be meeting all kinds of new people that look, act, and live a completely different life from you.  Do not shy away from these different people.  Open yourself up to new ideas and you may even make new friends.

College is going to be hard.  You will be pushed in ways you never thought possible.  Classes will be tough and people will be mean.  You may feel lonely, homesick, or that college is not the place for you.  This is normal.  You are not alone.  Talk to a friend, professor, your RA about what is bothering you.  Your life is in your hands now and ignoring your feelings will not make them to go away.  Seek help… absolutely nothing is wrong with that.

You are going to be tested these next four years.  Your faith, beliefs, and how you were raised may be questioned.  Stay strong. Stay safe.  Remember who you were, who you are, and who you want to be.  A phone call to a loved one can make all the difference.

My advice to you, as someone who has been in your shoes, is to use your head.  Think before you act.  Take a step outside yourself and look at what you are doing.  You are an adult now and what you do now could change your life forever.  Remember the reason why you came to college: to earn a degree and find a career. 

Now is the time to take your life and your future into your own hands.  Explore new ideas and meet new people.  Figure out what kind of person you want to be for the rest of your life. 

With much love


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