Do I REALLY need 20 pillows?

When you’re buying things for college, it can be easy to over buy. I’m not saying you should move in with NOTHING, but be careful what you get. Make sure you check your college website to see what is allowed and prohibited in your dorms. Here are some staples of college dorm life:

  1. Pillows–Don’t go overboard on throw pillows and such. You may not have the storage space for them when you’re sleeping.
  2. Bedding– Most college beds are Twin XL, but check with your school to make sure. You also don’t need 3 different comforters. A helpful tip, have an extra set of sheets; they will come in handy if you get sick or get them dirty at the last minute. If you’re allowed to replace the bed, you can start your research online for the best type of bed in your room.
  3. Mattress Pad/Egg crate/Mattress Topper– Any of these items will help to make your mattress more comfortable.
  4. Alarm Clock/iHome–If you like to use alarm clocks to wake you up for class, invest in one you’ll use.
  5. Storage Cart/Trunk–This was one of the best investments I made during college. In the trunk, I was able to store extra towels, sheets, and supplies inside. It made moving easier as well.
  6. Command Hooks/Strips–These are AMAZING! They are so helpful with organizing and storing supplies or hanging up pictures. Word to the wise- LAMINATE your posters, they won’t rip as easily.
  7. Bed Lifts–ONLY if your school’s beds do not raise on their own.
  8. Shower caddy- this comes in handy for those common bathrooms or even just to keep your stuff together in a private bathroom. ADD SHOWER SHOES, you never know what’s on those floors.
  9. Plates, silverware, storage containers for food– Yes you won’t be cooking full meals in your dorm, but having a REAL plate will make heating up food a lot easier. The containers come in handy for keeping all of your cereal or fruit fresh.
  10. Power Strip–These are great to help give you more outlets in your dorm.
  11. Ethernet cord- in case your room doesn’t get wifi.
  12. Organizing system– Buy whatever would work for you so you can stay on top of your classes and assignments.  Check out my post on becoming an organizational wizard!

Just be careful with getting those “extra” supplies–rugs, floor lamps, etc. You may think you need them, and then never use them. Worse case scenario, you go shopping with your roommates and buy those last minute supplies. Don’t forget to bring towels, clothes, toiletries, and school supplies.

Enjoy every moment of shopping for supplies and moving in. It can get stressful, but you’ll look back at it and smile. Don’t forget to take pictures!!! =)