Do You Want to Be the Very Best?

Like no one ever was? Admit it, you just sang along the Pokemon theme song–original. That’s how we all felt on our campus this semester as we recruited new applicants for the Resident Assistant job, see picture below.

Here is a general list of why you should apply for a RA/CA job. Other jobs in Residence Life offer the same benefits.

1. $290 every two weeks….or free housing
2. Free meal plan….or some money towards meals.
3. Single room at a double room rate.
4. When you become an RA you acquire great professional experience. By having an important position with in Residence Life it is up to you to make important decisions.
5. When it comes to your own personal resume, by being a RA it shows your future employers that you have the ability to work hard and responsibly.
6. You have leadership opportunities in which you will need to stand out and make certain decisions beneficial to your entire community
7. Potential to learn life-long skills such as time-management, self-discipline, etc., by being involved in the Ramapo College of NJ campus–or your own campus.
8. By being an RA, it is self-rewarding to take an important role and standing out on the Ramapo College of NJ campus–or your own campus
9. When you are an RA you are in charge of creating your own event. You would be in charge of everything and create something that YOU want to do.
10. You also build such awesome friendships with your residents, co-workers, and administration.

If you are interested, contact your own RA/CA for more information or email us. We are here to help you. =)