Getting Involved in Your Community

So you’re involved on campus and you’re doing well academically.  How else can you make an impact? Well, you can start getting involved in the greater community. Here are some easy ways to get involved.

1. Volunteer at a local nursing home, homeless shelter, YMCA, etc. Many of these places enjoy volunteers to come in and help them run activities or just to have an extra set of hands on deck.

2. If you are crafty, make easy no-sew fleece blankets and donate them to your local Project Linus chapter. Check out more about the organization at

3. Look into Alternative Spring Break. These trips are great resume builders, and awesome ways to give back to communities. Check out your community service center for more information.

4. Find an organization outside of your campus that you are passionate about. Join them and see what you can do to give back.

Whatever you do will be beneficial in some way. Enjoy getting involved on and off campus.