How are you progressing?

You have now been an official college student for a few weeks now.  There are several things suggested you try that have been mentioned throughout the book and our blog.  Here is a checklist let’s see how far you have gotten and what still needs to be done.

____1. Get all of your books.  You don’t want to wait until it is too late to secure books make sure you have a plan now, even for the supplies you will not need until the second half of the semester.

____2. Talk to your roommate about the expectations you both have for your living experience. Do not wait until a problem occurs to talk, things will go smoother if you talk beforehand.

____3. Review all of your syllabi to see what you will need to do over the course of the semester. Write down all of your assignments and readings on one calendar to keep track of the things that you need to do.

____4. Join a club.  Students that are involved graduate faster with higher grade point averages.  Even if you do not take on a leadership position being an active member will allow you to take a break from the books and have fun.  Think sports clubs, Greek Life, departmental clubs, or special interest.

____5.  Go to a school sporting event.  Even if you do not know, much about the sport go and show your school spirit.  You can enjoy football, basketball, softball, baseball, volleyball, tennis, golf, soccer, gymnastics, rowing, archery, track and field, bowling and a host of other sports and club and intramural sports.

____6. Go meet with your professor during office hours.  It is good to connect with your professor on a personal level.  Go and ask a clarifying question, seek clarity on a topic, or find out what you missed in class last week when you were sick.

____7. Talk to your RA.  Resident Advisors are people too.  Stop by and say hi ask something about them and get to know them as a person, not just as the person that is there to help you.

____8. Eat at a different place on campus.  Campus dining has a lot to offer.  Try a different venue and a new item on the menu.  What is the worst that will happen….you will not like the food or service and you do not have to go back.

____9. Attend a campus event.  Student Activities and Union services offer something for everyone: comedy, musicians, symposiums, movies, novelty attractions, and guest speakers.  These events are often free or low costs.

____10. Call home and check on family and friends. Going away to college not only affects you, but it also takes its toll on your siblings, your parents, and your childhood friends.

If you have taken time to complete this checklist, your semester is off to a good start and your first semester will be a jumpstart to a more fulfilling college career.  College is not just about expanding your knowledge academically, but it also consist of you expanding you overall wellness.  If you have not completed everything on the list, make it a priority to complete some items in the next few weeks.  Leave a response to this post with your experiences.