How to Beat the Winter Blues

It is the start of a new year and if you live anywhere north
then it is pretty darn cold outside; this is also the time when people are
feeling a bit blue and may need some cheering up.  So here are a few pointers for battling the
Winter Blues:

  1. Exercise-
    Getting to the gym, popping a yoga video, or going for a run can lighten
    the mood. Also you could be working towards your New Year’s resolution…
    Exercising with a friend can also help you battle your blues.
  2. Soak
    up some Vitamin D- Spend some time outside. You lucky people who live in
    the South can do this without freezing your butt off but those Northerners
    like me have to resort to keeping my curtains open, sitting by a window
    during class, or at a restaurant.
  3. Avoid
    Binge Drinking- It may seem that since days are shorter and nights longer
    that you must get your drink on.
    Remember back to High School Health that Alcohol is a depressant
    and will lower your energy and cause your mood to worsen.
  4. Relax-
    Spend time with friends, take a break from school, deep breathing always
    helps me.  Read a book, watch a
    movie, or start a new TV series on Hulu. If you need any suggestions ask
    away! I am full of them J
  5. Embrace
    the Winter- Turn winter into something fun.  Build a snowman, go sledding, skiing,
    ice skating, etc!  Have fun!

If you have any more suggestions
for battling those winter blues please post. I would love to see your

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