Mental Health and How to get help

Recently I was skimming through my copy of “The Freshman Survival Guide” and I stopped at chapter 8: Mental Health.  This is such an important and often forgotten about part of you time at college.

When you first go to college, even if you live on campus, off campus, or commute you will feel some sort of mental health distress. Whether if it is homesickness, eating disorders, major questioning, depression, stress, anxiety, etc (check out page 82 for other mental illnesses).  This happens to everyone.  However cliche its completely normal.

Most colleges have some sort student health and mental health facility.  Talk to your RA if you are having any problems or if your roommate is. Being an RA is about help the resident and everything you say to us will be in complete confidence. If you think a mere talk cannot help, you can avail therapy and other mental health services. Essential Care Behavioral Services is a great way to get professional help and care with your mental health issues.

As mental health continues to be a growing concern for college students, it’s important to prioritize seeking help and support when needed. While many universities have resources available for students, such as counseling services, it’s also important to be aware of other options, such as visiting an urgent care clinic Coney Island or your local area. By being proactive about mental health and seeking the appropriate help and support, college students can prioritize their overall well-being and success in their academic and personal endeavors, and that’s why therapy professionals can totally help, so you can take an advanced hypnotherapy course and start offering these services yourself.

So check your schools student health website or with your RA if you feel you are are under mental distress.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.  Also read chapter 8 of your copy of The Freshman Survival Guide.