New Year, New You

Happy New Year! 2014 will be a great year-you’ll be finishing up your Freshman year of COLLEGE!! That is an exciting thought, but also a little scary. What if you didn’t do so well in the last semester? Here are some tips to help you make good New Year’s Resolutions for the upcoming semester.

1. Make your goals measurable. By telling yourself to study 2x a week, you can easily mark it off on a calendar or use a chart to help you. You can even give yourself a dollar for every time you study (and REALLY study) by putting it into a jar. Then at the end of the semester, you’ll have some extra cash to go do something fun.

2. Break your goals into smaller parts. A big goal, like getting a 4.0, has a lot of little parts. Mark them each off on a chart to help you keep track of where you are in your progress.

3. Don’t forget to save time for yourself. Don’t plan out every single second of the day. Enjoy living in the present.


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