Top Ten Things Freshmen Should Do During Their First Year

Hello All! My name is Megan and I am one of the Interactive RAs. I work at Ramapo College of New Jersey as a Resident Assistant. At Ramapo, there is a list of 100 things students should do before they graduate and some of them can be applied to any school.

So, here is my reduced list.

1. Introduce yourself to all of your neighbors.

2. Take time to stay in contact with your family and friends back home, as well as time to form new friendships in college.

3. Take a fun elective outside of your major/concentration.

4. Take a class that interests you, even if it’s at 8am (or the earliest class time) and with a difficult professor.

5. Make the Dean’s List.

6. Study abroad for a semester, summer or spring break session.

7. Go to a sporting event on campus all decked out in school spirit!

8. Trick or Treat wherever your school’s president lives.

9. Go for a coffee run at 2am (in preparation for those possible all nighters that you may pull)

10. Go to some sort of late night dining–at least once.

This list can vary based on where you go to school. Good luck and remember that whatever you do, ALWAYS HAVE FUN! =)


** 7-26-11: Previously, number 2 was: “Play a prank on your roommates/friends (and learn to laugh when one is played on you!)” I have changed this because I realized that this may be construed as endorsing pranks that are more than innocent. To stop any confusion, I have now changed number 2 on the list. I apologize for any misinterpretation this may have caused. Please see the new item in bold. Thank you. **

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  1. My Response
    This is a great list. I would like to also encourage #s: 1, 3, 6, and 7.
    #1: The only way to get to know new people is to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid you will be judged. Don’t think no one will like you. Don’t think it will be a waste of time. College is all about making connections; the easiest connection you can make is by knowing someone’s name.

    #3: Take a fun class. College does not have to be all business. See what else is out there and broaden your horizons, even if you don’t make a career out of it. One of my hardest class in college was a stage make-up class. I did not major in theater or run off to Hollywood, but I did learn new skills and impress people with stories of making wounds.

    #6: Again, expand your horizons. This is one of my college regrets. I have travelled abroad before and after college, but I feel having that experience in college would have been a very impactful experience. There is nothing like being immersed in a culture for a semester. The life, survival and people skills you develop are unimaginable.

    #7: See what your school has to offer. Students get FREE admission to the majority of events on campus. Take advantage of this discount while you can. Attend sporting events and not just Football or Basketball. Try a track meet, gymnastics, or even a play. Use this time in school to try new things you may not normally have the chance to try. I guarantee that if you do not enjoy the experience, you will not have to try it again.

    College is all about finding yourself and trying new things. I hope this list gets you off to a good start.

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