Chapter 1: That Was High School . . . This Is COLLEGE

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #1: The months leading up to your..

Chapter 2: Be Generous with your Friendship but Stingy with your Trust

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #2: Making good friends in college is..

Chapter 3: Living with a Weirdo and Other Roommate Issues

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #3: You may not get along with..

Chapter 4: For the First Few Weeks Live Like a Monk

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #4: Monks take vows of chastity, poverty,..

Chapter 5: I Miss My Old Life!

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #5: Homesickness is a fact of college..

Chapter 6: Dealing With Differences

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #6: Depending on where you go to..

Chapter 7: Save the Date? Is Dating Dead on Campus?

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #7: You will probably never again be..

Chapter 8: Sex and the University

SURVIVAL STRATEGY 8: The subject of sex cuts to..

Chapter 9: Who Are You?

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #9: There’s a tidal wave of new..

Chapter 10: Real Stats and Strategies on Mental Health

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #10: Keeping yourself together mentally and emotionally..

Chapter 11: Being a Seeker

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #11: It’s not just okay to ask..

Chapter 12: Go to Class!

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #12: Whenever you need a little more..

Chapter 13: How to Be a College Student—Studying and Time Management

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #13: Organizing and effectively using your time..

Chapter 14: Thrill Seekers, Avoiders, and Other Procrastinators

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #14: Procrastination can turn into an academic..

Chapter 15: The Care & Feeding of the College Professor

SURVIVAL STRATEGY #15: Understanding the difference between high school..