How to say Goodbye to Family and Friends

As you go away to college in the next few weeks saying
goodbye to your family friends can be the hardest part of leaving.   These are the people who made you who you
are today and it’s important not to forget that.


A fun way to say goodbye is having a going away dinner/party
for the college bound student.  My family
does this every time I go back to school in the fall and over winter
break.  I love to see my family get
together and I can spend some time with all of them before I go back.

Some of you have made lifelong friends in high school and
keeping in touch is really important to keep the friendship alive.  Have a last get together with just your friends
and celebrate all of you going to college, obtaining a job, or just celebrate
being adults.  Make memories.

In this day in age there is really no reason not to say in
touch with family and friends.  You can
facebook, skype, text, facetime, and phone your love ones back home.  By staying in touch with your friends and
family this will help with homesickness and make the semester seem so much

College is a busy time in your life and staying in touch
with your loved ones with become harder but makes the effort, it’s worth
it.  My boss likes to call the check in
phone call with the family the “I haven’t fallen in the river I’m alive” phone
call.  So stay in touch with your friends
and family and saying goodbye will just seem like “See ya later”.