1. My roommate and I are two totally opposite people. For one, I like cleanliness and she could care less. She is also into hunting, anime, manga, and is very country. All she owns is camouflage. I, on the other hand, am preppy, into touring cities, going out (not to drink, just to hang out at bowling or something), romantic comedy movies, and other “girly” things. We have nothing to talk about to each other besides our boyfriends and some classes, but we usually just end up sharing stories (okay, her talking at me for 3 hours straight while i try to keep listening…) and listening to country music. Living with someone who is the total opposite of you isn’t always a bad thing. Thankfully we both have similar study habits and she goes home A LOT! She stays in our room maybe two nights a week…three if I’m lucky! So getting along isn’t that hard. When we have a concern then we are very upfront about it and bring it up politely to each other. Roommate contracts are great tools for helping people adjust, especially if you’ve never shared a room with someone.

  2. My first roommate was one of those girls that comes from a family where she was given everything she wanted, no matter the cost. I did my best to stay living there but couldn’t. After three days of a stuck up roommate and homesickness I ended up moving back Home. Now I’ve decided to go back to the college I dropped out of last fall and give it all another chance. A few days ago I got my room assignment and was given the surprise to find out that I’ve got the same roommate I had before. I hope this year turns out better than it did last year!!!

  3. Make sure that your roommates/suite mates and yourself decide on a schedule or rotation for maintaining the room or apartment cleanliness. I was constantly feeling like I cleaned or took out the trash all the time. Ask your RA for a roommate contract, if one is not required right away. These help remind everyone that there are things that need to be done.

  4. Okay so my freshman roommate was pretty cool. We just lived our own lives in the same room but my friends had a HORRIBLE roommate. So my friends lived in a dorm room where four girls lived in one room. The room was loft style so it was two rooms in one. To get to the second room they had to go up stairs. Okay so the horrible roommate was always getting drunk, and of course she lived up stairs. Well, she would pass out in her bed after a night of partying and pee the bed! Did she know how to do laundry? NO! She would throw her wet bed sheets over the railing to the stairs and it would drip to the second floor! Then just put the sheets back on her bed! ICK! Well, after my friend literally stepped in it they talked to their RA. In the end the horrible roommate moved out and my friends replaced her with a big screen tv! Haha so it worked out in the end.

  5. I ditched my first roommate. I am a very giving person, but sharing makeup is just gross and unsanitary. I walked in one day and she was using my bath towel. EWWW! It wasn’t that bad in the begining, but as my first semester went on it got consistently worse. I switched rooms starting the second semester.

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