1. My boyfriend of almost four years and I, as well as our group of friends, are always looking for new, cheap dates. Here are a few that we’ve found in our hometown..

    Matinee movies: at the movies near us, the theater has $5 movies before 5pm. The restaurant right up the street also offers a free chicken sandwich if you buy a drink and bring in a movie ticket stub.
    Coupons: There’s a neighborhood coupon book that local banks and schools put out that have coupons for restaurants. There’s also a coupon that will let you get into bowling for a dollar, and a free popcorn voucher.
    Parks: There’s a park a few minutes from our house that offers cheap or free fireworks and concerts, and day-old bread is 25 cents at the grocery store, which is great to feed the ducks.
    Staying at home: Board games, the dollar movie rental at the grocery store, and I bake cupcakes which are a huge favorite around our whole school.
    Window shopping: A little way from our house is a bunch of crazy antique and funky furniture shops that are fun to look around, even if we can’t buy anything. 🙂

  2. A really easy date that doesn’t cost much and makes a great and easy first date would be just grabbing coffee or a meal and the favorite cafeteria on campus. While it doesn’t sound romantic now, it definitely lightens the mood and shows your date that you are fine with simple things. My favorite memories in college happen during a meal time with my close friends. Plus, no one has the offer to pay for the other because its the cafeteria and you’ll most likely both have meal plans.

  3. One of my favorite memories from college is our “midnight picnics.” A couple of times a year, my friends and I would all meet on the quad with blankets, flashlights, cards, guitars, etc. The only requirement was that we each bring some sort of food. We usually ended up with an eclectic mix of granola bars, half-eaten boxes of crackers, a flat bottle of Coke, and the occasional baked good (bless that person’s heart). We’d spend hours playing riduclous improv games, getting to know each other, and watching the stars.

    They’re a ton of fun with a group, but can also be a great romantic date. Call up your lady or gentleman, grab a blanket and some snacks and say, “Meet me on the steps of the bell tower at midnight.” It already sounds like a line from a movie…

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