Don’t Fall Under Stress

Sometimes college can get really stressful. With full course loads, managing new friendships, old relationships with family and friends back home, dating, along with the various other aspects of college life, it’s no wonder that college aged students get stressed out. It’s something to keep our eyes out for. When we start to see the signs of stress approaching, it is always great to try and stop them in their tracks. Reference The Freshman Survival Guide for tips on relieving stress.

As a senior, I am constantly worrying about the next assignment due, the assignments due for my other courses, my job deadlines, etc. One thing I forget to do is live in the present. It’s great to be organized and prepared for your academics, just don’t forget to live a little! Enjoy the fall weather and go Apple or Pumpkin picking with some friends. Visit a Haunted House or just enjoy the nice, crisp fall weather and go for a walk.

Just remember to enjoy life and try not to stress. If you are still stressing, don’t hesitate to comment the blog or email the Interactive RA team.

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