Going to school and getting adjusted

The time has come and school is starting soon.  Here are some tips to start your year off
Before you arrive:  Do everything you can to prepare for school.  Try not to wait until the last minute and make the most of your final weeks at home.
Be sure to review all of the paperwork (emails) the school has sent you. This will let you know where you will be living, who you will be living with, things to bring (and not to bring) with you, when you
should arrive, and most importantly information about classes.

  • Make sure you have completed all necessary paperwork, finalize financial aid and other financial matters, and you are registered for classes.
  • Talk with your new roommate(s) and discuss when you will be arriving and who will bring what items to the room.
  • Go shopping and get things to help you feel more at home.
  • Look at syllabi and required book list.  Order books as soon as possible.  Look into getting used or rented books. Get books for first day of classes and try to get some reading done before the first day.

Adjusting to college life:  The first 6 weeks are most important for your success. Utilize this time to get out, try new things, and meet people.

  • Go to events!!!! The school and housing department sponsors events usually for FREE for
    you to go, enjoy, and meet new people.
  • Meet the people in your building. Go to the community areas to play pool, play basketball, and attend floor meetings and programs hosted by the hall.
  • Use campus resources.  You have tons of resources at your disposal.  Go to the gym, take a swim in the pool, join a club, and get to know your RA.
  • Talk to your parents and friends from home a little less each week.
  • Try something new. Do something out of the ordinary and try things you have never done before.

Hopefully these tips will get you started to a successful first year.  If you need more ideas on how to adjust visit your RA and refer to chapter 4 of the Freshman Survivial Guide