Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is next week…can you believe it?

 Going home can be fun and relaxing, but it can also be stressful.  Often times you can be pulled in many directions that going home can result in not being as enjoyable as you’d hoped.  Mom and Dad want to spend time with you and see what you have been learning over the past two months, younger siblings want to spend time with their big bro/sis, friends from back home would like to hang out, significant others want time, and other family members would love to see how you have grown.   In addition to these expectations there are also be your priorities; working over the thanksgiving break, looking for a winter break job, or just time to enjoy sleeping in.  Take the next few days to plot out your course home.

  • Predetermine how you would like to spend YOUR days at home.  If you go home with a schedule and checklist of all of the things you would like to accomplish you will not be overwhelmed when your attention is pulled in varying directions.
  • Be flexible to changes in your schedule. You may not be able to accomplish everything you hoped you would be able to. 
  • Be sensitive to everyone’s desire to be with you.  As excited as you are to go home, home is just as excited (if not more) to see you. 
  • Be honest! Do not brush people off or make promises you do not intend to keep.  If you cannot commit to something let them know and plan something for winter break.
  • Have fun! Going home should be enjoyable and become fewer and far between as you progress through college.  Enjoy the time while you have it.