Preventing College Burnout

Here are some common symptoms of college burnout.

1. Loss of Motivation

2. Continual Lack of Energy

3. Complete Boredom

4. Inability to Concentrate

5. Detachment


Burnout is caused by several things. Sometimes we are too overworked by our jobs, our coursework or by our extracurricular involvement. As a history major, psychology minor, and receiving 5 teaching certificates, I’ve experienced burnout more than once. What I’ve done to continue my success are just a couple of things that may help you prevent burnout.

1. Get More Sleep

2. Lessen Course Load

3. Become More Social

4. Start a Hobby

5. Cut some of your Extracurriculars

6. Consider Changing Majors

7. Make a Change.

In the end, do what works for you. What are some things that help you relax? Tell us about them in a comment.