Safety and You

Campus safety should be a concern of everyone; parents, administration, and most importantly you the students.  Safety is one thing that cannot be guaranteed.  The university and university housing department will take precautions and attempt to mitigate risks and hazards. It is also the responsibility of the student to make sure they are implementing safety practices into their daily routine.  Criminals prey on the innocence and naivety of students.  Being aware of your surrounds and familiarizing yourself with these safety tips below can help you avoid unsafe situations.

  1. Program the campus police phone number into your phone. Also, add the RA on-call phone number and the front desk phone number, so they are handy in the event of an emergency.
  2. Program 3-5 people in your phone as ICE (In Case of Emergency) contacts.  In an emergency situation, someone can easily identify who to call if you need help.
  3. Report all suspicious persons, vehicles and activities to campus authorities. Many universities have emergency phones installed throughout campus, do not be afraid to use the phone in an emergency.
  4. Use the “buddy system” and watch out for your neighbors.
  5. Keep your doors locked, especially whenever you find yourself alone in a apartment/room.
  6. If you see someone being victimized, get involved and notify the police.
  7. Avoid traveling alone at night. Travel with a friend, walk with crowds, or request an escort from campus police.
  8. Walk on well-lit, regular traveled walks and pathways. Avoid shortcuts and keep away from shrubbery, bushes, alleyways, or any other areas where someone could be hiding.
  9. Avoid big open areas like the athletic fields and tennis courts after dark.
  10. Do not accept rides from casual acquaintances.
  11. When walking to your vehicle or residence, have your keys ready in hand.
  12. When being dropped off by taxi or private vehicle, ask the driver to wait until you get inside.
  13. When getting out of a car, take a look around to make sure that you are not being followed.
  14. If you think you are being followed, call for help, and run to safety.  Draw as much attention to yourself if possible, by enlisting the aid of a passerby, flag down a car, or pull a fire alarm.
  15. When walking at night, look up and look around, do not wear ear buds in both ears playing loud music, and walk as quickly as possible.