What to Believe

Easter is fast approaching and is usually a time when students head back home to continue with their families holiday tradition(s).  If students cannot make it home, this is a time when they will attempt to find a local church or attend service on campus (if one is available). If you have gotten away from your spiritual upbringing, now is a good time to get reacquainted.  If you are open to learning about new religions, this is a good time to get out and explore how different religions view the Easter holiday. Ask to go home with one of your classmates and explore their approach to religion.  Ask questions, try new things, and attempt to figure out what makes sense and provides comfort to you. Do not try to understand and solve the questions about life all in one sitting. Religion is a tough topic and people spend their entire lives searching for the answers to life. People migrate between religions, selecting concepts, and methodology that provides a sense of comfort and stability to their lives. There are a variety of religions, then there are a variety subcategories under each religion, then there are a variety of interpretations and ways to execute the vision.  So take your time and explore what you think works for your life and brings your peace.