When dating think about?

You are now about two months into your first semester at school.  By now, I am sure someone has caught your attention or perhaps you have been on a few dates.  Dating in college is much different than dating in high school.  In college you do not have parents to monitor your relationships, you do not have a curfew, you will be exposed to people from different backgrounds (not the people you are exposed to in your hometown), and you will have the freedom to explore the things you
like and things you do not like.  Some people meet their life partner in college, others gain a wealth of dating
experience, others make a lot of friends, and others focus solely on studying and not getting involved in dating at all.

Dating should be fun, exciting, and never hurtful.  There will be some awkward and some difficult times in  dating which usually come with trying to communicate and working as a team, but dating should never hurt or cause pain.  Exploring and developing
healthy relationships is the key.  Meet people that do challenge you to think outside the box, not people who tell you
what to think.  Meet people that help you be the best you that you can be, not people who put you down.  Meet people that add joy and cheer, not people that add stress and chaos to your life.