Interactive Ra Blog

The iRA (Interactive RA) blog is here!

The iRA blog is a similar supplement to the advice in The Freshman Survival Guide. Our team of iRAs will be updating the blog regularly by posting important tips and..

Do I REALLY need 20 pillows?

When you’re buying things for college, it can be easy to over buy. I’m not saying you should move in with NOTHING, but be careful what you get. Make sure..

Spending Money at College

February 9, 2024 It is about 6 weeks into the semester and you should be settled in and have a routine established. You have most likely made a late-night food..

College Acceptance

February 8, 2024 You have been very patient up to this point. You completed your application and submitted your completed packet to several universities of your choice. You should have..

Three Tips for Navigating Your Freshman Year

February 7, 2024 Maneuvering through your first year of college can often feel synonymous to being tasked with successfully completing a treasure hunt with no map. In your mind, you’ve..

Academic Support on Campus

February 6, 2024 You have survived a few rounds of questions around the Thanksgiving dinner table about how your semester is shaping up thus far. Now classes are back in..

Why You Should Embrace Imposter Syndrome: And What It Means for Your Life

February 5, 2024 It’s safe to assume that I’m not the only one who has been in a new place and felt like I totally didn’t belong or wasn’t qualified..

Getting into a Routine

February 5, 2024 The school year is right around the corner. As you prepare with the necessary items to live comfortably in your new home, you must also mentally prepare...

Operation: What’s Next

February 4, 2024 It was my sophomore year of college and everyone enrolled as a psychology major at my institution was required to stand in a circle to begin yet..

Class Shopping

February 4, 2024 The beauty of the first few weeks of the semester, is the ability to drop the class without a penalty. Before the semester begins, you will want..

Going Greek

For many of freshmen, their first real-life exposure to Greek Life is when we step onto campus. Until stepping onto campus, you may have referenced Greek life through movies and..

Agree to Disagree

February 3, 2024 One of the most exciting things about college will be meeting new people. Although meeting new people is overall a positive experience. Meeting new people will be..

Spring Accountability

February 2, 2024 The Spring semester has officially started. You have had a couple of weeks to settle in and now is good time to do a pulse check. Examine..

Choosing The Right School

February 2, 2024 Throughout high school you have heard about college, but you may not have been exposed to college. As you begin or continue your quest to college, you..

Before you graduate, do these things

February 2, 2024 Looking back, you probably thought this day would never come, alas, the season is upon us. We are now in the final weeks of your senior year...

Dating in College

Dating in college can be one of the most challenging aspects of the college experience. For some it will be easy; they may have come to college with their high..

Getting Letters of Recommendation

February 1, 2024 As you navigate through your career you will soon learn how to make professional connections. Those connections will allow you to collaborate with colleagues, mentor and be..

College Email – Open It, Read It and Respond, If Asked!

February 1, 2024 Yes, individuals, departments and organizations still use email to communicate. In college, you are at risk of missing critical information when you do not open and read..