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Campus Safety

Some simple rules about Campus Safety. 1. ALWAYS lock your doors. 2. Lock up your possessions, like your laptop, and don’t leave them unattended. 3. Feel free to contact your..

Did you bite off more than you can chew?

Is your workload too much? By this point in the semester, it may be too late to drop a class, HOWEVER that doesn’t mean that you can’t fix it. You..

To Drop or Not to Drop

February is a great time to review your current load. You have been to class, taken a look the syllabus, and possibly completed an assignment or had a quiz. Now..

Balance. The key to success

The Spring semester is now (or soon) underway. This is the perfect time to get a fresh start if things did not go the way you hoped during the..

Go GRΣΣK or Not?

As most colleges and universities Greek Life will be starting, or have started, their Spring recruitment, it is important to keep in mind some aspects about going Greek or not..

Starting Fresh

Everyone chooses their own path in life. Some of us have known what we have wanted to do in life since the age of 3 or 4. Others of us..

New Year, New You

Happy New Year! 2014 will be a great year-you’ll be finishing up your Freshman year of COLLEGE!! That is an exciting thought, but also a little scary. What if you..

Budgeting Your $$$$$

Do you ever look at your wallet one day and think “WOW-I have a lot of money this week” and then 3 days later you’re broke? It happens all the..

Social Life–to party or not to party?

College social life is not all about the wild parties that can occur. There are other ways to have fun. Here are some easy, fun and cost-friendly ways to have..

Home for the Holidays

It the most wonderful time of the year….or is it? Thanksgiving and Christmas are great times to go home, take time away from school, and to refocus. Going home is..

Course Selection

It’s that time of year when we start to think about the courses we will take in the Spring semester. It is important to indulge your own interests in college..

Maybe it wasn’t meant to be

It is almost Thanksgiving time; which means you have survived more than half of the first semester, midterms, and homecoming. By now, you and your roommate should have a good..

Mid-Semester Check -In

Welcome back to the iRA blog! Hopefully this semester has been a great one, so far. College classes can, and usually are, a lot different from high school courses. Just..

Halloween Fun

The week of costumes, candy, and “tricks” is upon us. Halloween is the second biggest social event (after Homecoming) of the Fall semester. There will be plenty of opportunities for..

Advice to Freshman from an Experienced RA

Well I have about one week before I move back into the dorm for my last year as a RA. I cannot believe I have been in college for almost..

Finals Study Tips

Final exams are quickly approaching. Hopefully you wont have to cram the last 14 weeks of information into your brain. However you study, or whatever type of final exam you..

Is it Sophomore year already?

Many of you may not have declared a major yet, and that is okay. It may seem harder to plan what classes you’ll want to take for next fall when..

Giving back to freshmen

It is almost the end of the first year. For some this has been a great learning experience, a time for growth, and self-discovery. For some this has been a..