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Be true to thine self

February 1, 2024 Freshman year will provide so many fresh starts and new experiences. You will meet new friends, try new foods, and have new experiences. For some students, this..

Freshman Survival Guide Teams Up with The Milton Hershey School

The Freshman Survival Guide is pleased to have The Milton Hershey School’s (MHS) Graduate Programs for Success (GPS) come on board as part of our Interactive RA team. Founded in..

Working under Pressure

Have you ever heard someone say they work best under pressure? College students around the world believe that they produce some of their best work when they complete the assignment..

Getting Involved Spring Semester

Did the fall semester get past you? Were there things that you wanted to do, but did not have the opportunity to complete? Did you learn about opportunities or organizations..

Roommate Check-in

The semester is winding down you are probably celebrating the completion of finals and ready to unplug. While you spent time developing in the classroom and you were also developing..

Thanksgiving Break

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and can be a time of great happiness or great sadness. You may be gearing up for a weekend of time with family and friends. You..

Notetaking in College

Besides showing up and participating, taking notes will be one of the most important things you do in the classroom. Taking notes will help you pay attention, retain information, and..

Networking with Others

Have you ever heard the saying “It’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know?” Well that motto directly relates to networking. If you are not familiar with..

New (School) Year Resolutions

As we settle in for the start of another academic year, it is important to reflect on what went well and maybe not so well last year. We are all..

The College Tour

The campus visit is a really big deal, because it is most likely going to be the most influential part your college selection process. The way the campus visit makes..

Self Care and Brain Boosters: Keys to the SATs and ACTs

Dun… Dun… Dun…. (probably) the most dreaded moment of your high school career has arrived… Standardized testing. AH! Your teachers, parents and friends have been talking about it for years..

Shop Around: Choosing the Right College

Selecting a college is much like making a large purchase. When you think about it, college could be a $50,000 a year investment. Like all major purchases and big decisions,..

School’s Out For the Summer

Whew! You made it to the end of the semester. By this time, you probably do not want to think about another reading assignment, a group project, or balancing the..

What to do when your major is undecided?

It’s perfectly fine to be undecided about your major, but if you are looking to make a decision, here are some things you can do to help discern which major..

10 Tips for Finishing the Semester Strong

There are approximately 15 weeks in a semester and right now you are in the final stretch of the year. Now is the time to continue to push forward and..

Tips for the College Roommate

Roommates: Whether you’re approaching your freshman or sophomore year, it’s time to think about roommates. What are your deal breakers and what have you learned? Here’s some advice on how..

What about Mom and Dad

Leaving home for college is quite the adjustment for you. You are excited about your new chapter. You are exploring your new environment. You are embarking on new adventures. You..

Coping with the Outcome: Acceptance & Rejection Letters

Whether you’re accepted to your top school, waitlisted, or having doubts, here’s how to deal, and what to consider, for each scenario. Here are three important mindset mantras: Don’t Beat..