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Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; and so much more. Take a second and Google your name. What did you find? Pictures, links to your Facebook, a full history? In today’s technological age..

Where to Live?!

When you are trying to figure out where to live for your upcoming year, you may not realize it, but you are making one of the biggest and most important..

Keeping the Weight Off During the Winter

Sometimes it is hard to find the time, or the motivation, during the winter months to work out and keep in shape. We find ourselves indulging in “comfort” foods and..


It is now almost a month into the Spring semester, for new roommates the honeymoon phase is nearing the end, and for continuing roommates you getting back into the swing..

Love Advice from Our Favorite Winged Archer

Love is in the air, because tomorrow is February 14th! Valentine’s Day! The Day of Love! … or Single’s Awareness Day! Or to the more counterbalanced individuals among us, it..

Spring Break Ideas

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A Major Dilemma

Let’s start out the new year with a story, shall we?   Once upon a time, there was a recent high school graduate going away to his first semester of..

New Year, New You!

The start of each new year, and the start of each new semester, brings around a time to make changes and resolutions. But how do we keep those changes? The..

Winter Break

Congrats you made it through the first semester of college and it is time to go home. If you went home during Thanksgiving, your transition at Winter Break may come..

The “F” Word

That’s right. FINALS.   Finals will always be the hardest time of the semester for students because you have term papers to write, tests to study for, projects to create,..

Operation C.O.U.P.O.N.

Operation C.O.U.P.O.N.   Managing your money in college is a cardinal life skill that is borderline essential to learn and master during your years in college as, just like so..

Going Home

Yes; it is hard to believe it is one week until Thanksgiving. For some students this is the first time you will return home since leaving in August/September. Some of..

When dating think about?

You are now about two months into your first semester at school. By now, I am sure someone has caught your attention or perhaps you have been on a few..

Midterms are here ALREADY?!!?!?

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Sober Sundays, Wasted Wednesdays, and Everything In-between

Alcohol in college- it is prevalent theme in about 98% of any college movie. Epic parties every weekend, tons of beer and alcohol, shots, and hangovers. While movies tend to..

75 Ways to give back

As you continue to grow professionally and personally, you will start to realize the importance of giving back to the community where you live and where you come from. Giving..

To Join or not to Join? That is the question!

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A Salad Never Hurt Anybody – Tips to Staying Healthy in College

Going off to college brings with it an obvious amount of newfound freedom including the sudden ability to eat whatever it is you want and buy whatever it is you..